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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why

    It is hard to bear that our beloved ones have passed away and we could no longer be together. There is nothing that could replace the void caused by the loss of an individual who was important in our life. The seasons continue changing even after our loved one has parted from us and we discover ourself gethered up in the fragmented pieces of our life. we try to handle the grief that now no longer we have that special person to share our feelings of life with us. Mourning can quickly take over the life of someone who has lost a beloved. Taking action is one of the ways to come to terms with the grief that threatens to overwhelm an individual. In doing so, the life of the beloved who has departed shall still be commemorated and honored. To remember a departed loved one's life with a memorial is one act that allows us to confront our grief. Every culture has a manner of creating tribute to the dearly departed. The manner of offering tribute gives comfort, support, and solace for those who are left behind. Some of the most well-known memorial tokens to deceased loved ones are the gravestones people place on the tombs of those who have gone on ahead; pieces of artwork or music personally written by some one that can add a meaningful touch to his commemoration; or we could hold a gathering at a particular place with a number of friends who can contribute their best memories of the beloved who has passed away with laughing and crying all around. Confronting the grief caused by the loss of a loved one is a very personal matter. Hindu epics have given as much importance to death as it has given to birth. Death is the biggest truth of life. Life has become so fast that people have started missing these important days of birth and death anniversaries of loved ones. enables us to have reminders on e mail/ SMS on these important days. Not only that, it also offers the following features.

  • Why do I need to sign up?

    If you want to put obituary of your loved ones you need to register. Only registered members can put shradhanjali (Tribute) and can avail all the facilities offered by

  • What if I do not sign up?

    You can visit the site completely as a free visitor where in you will be able to surf through all the pages, search profiles and put condolence message on any of the profiles you wish to.

  • Do I need to pay if I sign up?

    You can be a registered member for free. Just provide us your basic details viz. name, surname and e mail. You will only have to pay if you want to post shradhanjali (tribute) of your loved ones.

  • Will I have to pay for this service on yearly basis?

    Charges for this service are very affordable and will be taken at the time of availing service only. There are no annual charges, we charge one time only.

  • What is the price for posting shradhanjali (tribute) on the site?

    Currently charge for shradhanjali service (tribute) is INR 5000.00 (Five Thousand) only (Inclusive of taxes)

  • What if I am not comfortable paying online and upload profile online?

    It is OK. Just mail us your complete contact information along with postal address to ouremail( We will send you the proposal form, which you need to fill up and send it back to us along with the cheque or Demand Draft of INR Rs. 5000.00 in favor of "Unique Concepts Marketers LLP", payable at Rajkot, Gujarat. You will get welcome message within 7 working days from the date of realization of payment, you will also be getting the invoice of service along with your user id and password via post. You are required to send us photos of the loved ones (hard copies or soft copy stored in CD) and videos if any. Alternatively you can call our customer care center (+91 93287 94287)

  • What if I want to edit some of the details later?

    You can add and edit any of the details like life journey, videos, and photos with utmost ease. Just log on to the site with your user name and password go to edit profile, make desired changes, and save. All the changes will be done with immediate effect. If you are not internet savvy, you simply need to call our customer care center, verify with couple of details and we will make all the changes as suggested by you.

  • What if I forget my password?

    It is simple to receive new password. Just go to forgot password option, enter your email registered with us and we will send you the new password.

  • Can I post more than one shradhanjali (Tribute) on this site?

    Yes you can add as many shradhanjali as you wish once you are a registered member, but, you will have to follow the same process..