Jayantbhai Chhaganlal Acharya


March 31st, 1904

Passed Away

August 14th, 1987

Popularly Known as

acharya Jayant




Retired Teacher


Savitaben Acharya




पिता ही धर्म है, पिता ही स्वर्ग है
पिता ही परम तप है
पितृभक्ति हर भक्ति में श्रेष्ठ है
पितृभक्ति देवताओ को भी प्रिय है
शास्त्र में कहा गया यह विधान हमारे जीवन का मर्म है
स्वर्ग की प्राप्ति धर्म से होती है, तप से होती है
परंतु हमारे लिए हमारी पितृभक्ति ही हर भक्ति में श्रेष्ठ है

Shradhanjali By

Acharya Family

Family Tree of Jayantbhai Chhaganlal Acharya

Santokben C. Acharya
Chhaganlal Acharya
Savitaben J. Acharya
Prayatam Jayantbhai Acharya
Gautam Jayantbhai Acharya
Shrikumar Jayantbhai Acharya
Kotikiran Jayantbhai Acharya
Nitinayan Jayantbhai Acharya
Sasmit Jayantbhai Acharya
Ananta N. Pandya
Avanti N. Pandya
Ashoka S. Jani
Shrimala S. Jani
Sucheta S. Jani
Nilambari S. Jani
Grand Children
Swatichandra P.
Vaibhavi J. Kamdar
Gauravi J. P.
Anantabh Koti Kiran
Apurvi Jayesh Jani
Utsavi R. Sompura
Urvi R. G.
Gitesh R. N.
Sweta R. N.
Pranjal R. Sasmit
Ragesh Suryakant Jani
Udita Manoj Acharya
Anish Nalinkant Pandya
Anand Nalinkant Shrikumar
Amritlal C. Acharya
Godavariaben C. Shukla
Nalinkant Pandya
Suryakant Jani
Manjulagauri Jani
Usha Srikumar
Jyotsna Gautam
Shardha Kotikiran
Purnima Nitinayan
Krishna Sushmit Acharya
Father & Mother-in-law
Shivashanar Mehta
Harivallabh Mehta
Nautam Mehta
Amritlal Mehta
Shantiben Shukla

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Fond Memories & Remembrance

Urvi Gautambhai Acharya

2 years ago

હુ ખુબ નસીબદાર છુ કે હુ આચાયકુટુબ મા જન્મી છુ. દાદાને મે હમેશા એમના વિધાથીઓ       પાસેથી આચાયસાહેબ ના સંબોધન થી જ સાભડીયા છે. દાદા, તમને મારા પ્રણામ. 

Lalit Vaishnav

3 years ago
Acharyasaheb  was one of the best teachers I had.. He had courage of conviction  and total devotion  to the cause espoused by him. He was strict but democratic  in his treatment .

Rohit Sheth

3 years ago
Acharya Saheb was the born teacher and extra-ordinary human being.I was so fortunate to study under him from 1954 to 1960 in S.V.Virani High School,Rajkot. He was fluent in teaching Gujarati,English and Sanskrit.He never brought written notes to teach.He wold just open the text-book,select the chapter and start teaching with his enormus knowledge of many many subjects.Therefore,his two different lectures on the same topic will differ but complimentary to each other.I migrated to Canada in 1984.Before that I had a pharmacy(medical stores) in Rajkot.Acharya Saheb purchased all his medicines from my pharmacy.I was so fortunate that his sacred PAGLA came to my pharmacy almost every other week.His immortal team with Varia Saheb was the solid foundation of Virani High School.I pray to Almighty that in my every birth give me a gift of Acharya Saheb and Varia Saheb in the form of my GURU.May God bless his soul.

Mahendra Chandebhamar

4 years ago
I have never seen such a great teacher in my life. I have studued in Virani High School under him from 1961 to 1967. The time I will never forget. During prarthna he was saying some sloks from Ishupanish which I was not able to understand at that time but when I grew up and took interest in spirituality,I came to know how great was it. I am very luck that I studued under him.

Utsavi Sompura

8 years ago
I m so proud to have such great grandpaa.For us he is our idol.He always taught us do try for all u gujarati he always said " favi gayu to barabar pan favdavso to tame aagal vadhaso " .

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