Prof. Rooshikumar Pandya


March 27th, 1939

Passed Away

April 13th, 2013

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उद्यन्तु शतमादित्या उद्यन्तु शतमिन्दवः ।
न विना विदुषां वाक्यैर्नश्यत्याभ्यन्तरं तमः ॥

May a hundred suns rise, may (there) rise hundred moons. (But) without listening to the words of the wise men, the internal darkness can not be annihilated!

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Dr Bharati Dalal

10 months ago

May his soul rest in peace !

Dr Bharati Dalal

10 months ago


  • I met Rooshikumar Pandya for the first time in 1957 or so, when I joined the Indian Classical Music classes run by Thakorebhai Desai in a room on first floor of the main building in Pritamnagar Akhada. He always dressed in those days, in white khadi lengho-jabhbho and rode the bicycle. I was around 11, learning vocal and he around 17, learning sitar. His co-student in sitar, Bharati Fozdar was of the same age or a bit older to him while my co-students were Nila Trivedi, Shridevi (babi), Sheetal Lakhia, Tushar Desai, Nayan Desai, Anupam Gandhi, Achyut Desai, Ashok Desai, Dilip Desai etc. 
  • When on a picnic of the entire class to Adalajni Vav, I had a thornprick in the sole of my foot, it was Rooshikumar who had deftly removed the thorn. 
  • But within a short time he left the classes and later I came to know that he had gone away to US. After I completed Sangeet Visharad and joined B J Medical College, I came to know that he had built up a reputation for himself in US in the fields of ICM, Communication, Psychology and hypnotism etc
Still later, in second half of 1985 when I was posted as Professor of Pathology in SCL Hospital Saraspur, I came to know from Dr Sugna Pandya, HoD Gynecology, who happened to be his sister, that he had married Annapurnadevi in 1982 after she took divorce from Pandit Ravishankar.
The only chance I had to meet him again after many years, was when he had come to deleiver a lecture in Ahmedabad Management Association. After his oration was over I had gone to meet him on the stage and when I introduced myself, he immidiately recognised and exclaimed "Oh, so you are Bharati Vaidya! I remember you very well as the girl with very long hair !".
That was the first and last time I met him after a gap of more than 30 years though I often got his news from Dr Sugna Pandya who herself passed away from ovarian malignancy in less than a decade thereafter! 

Rajesh Manvar

2 years ago

ભગવાન એમના આત્માને શાંતિ આપે એજ પ્રાર્થના

laxmi sah

3 years ago
bhawpurn sardhanjali


3 years ago
Shri Rooshikumar Pandya was the inspiration for the formation of The Hypnotique Circle Madras, in the 'seventies and this year our society is celebrating its fortieth anniversary. His teachings have helped several adopt a healthier and more holistic lifestyle personally and, as trainers themselves, propagate his teachings for the welfare of our society. Several psychiatrists, anatomists and other doctors were influenced by him and used hypnosis in their work to their and their clientele's advantage.
Truly, I may say that hypnosis taught by such a mentor is a life-time experience for which all of Shri Rooshikumar Pandya's students stand eternally grateful and are indebted to.
Retd. Bank of India Official
Chennai, India

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